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INFINITI Technology

If you are looking for a technologically advanced car, you need to consider INFINITI technology. We are the top-rated INFINITI dealership in Brampton, Ontario. We also serve various regions, including Mississauga, Caledon, and Woodbridge and the surrounding cities. At our stores, we have the newest models of INFINITI vehicles. You can visit our website for more information and check out the variety of INFINITI vehicles ready for sale. On our website, you can view our Newest INFINITI Inventory Online. You can also complete our online Finance Application today to get pre-qualified. Contact Us to Schedule a Test Drive Today. INFINITI vehicles are designed with high technology to ensure comfort and safety. 

Some technological features in INFINITI vehicles

Apple CarPlay

Infiniti of Brampton now offers Apple CarPlay on 2020 models. You can discover that anything is possible during your commute by staying connected to friends, family and co-workers even on the longest drive. The new system allows you to use your smartphone without ever picking it up! With apps variation ranging from iMessage, Maps, Music, Phone, Calendar, Podcasts and many more, you will be able to keep in touch with anyone and everyone.

Dynamic Digital Suspension (DDS)

The dynamic digital suspension is a feature that is meant to manage and monitor the car's pitch, body roll, and bounce rate to offer a safe and secure drive and offer optimal comfort and the agility you deserve. The suspension is equipped with adjustable dampers that regulate the dampening force aimed at creating a soft ride. Additionally, the system is designed to filter out negative feedback from the suspension to reduce road noise and ensure low-level vibrations.

Q50 Direct Response Hybrid

This includes the power and efficiency of the car. Generally, this type of technology dictates the power and performance of your car. Q50 direct response hybrid relies on a combination of the lithium-ion battery, gas engine, and electric motor to offer the best driving conditions. Q50 hybrid gives 360 horsepower for propelling it from 0-60 in not more than 5 seconds. Additionally, the 360 horsepower achieves up to 34 MPG on the highway.

Forward Emergency Braking

This is a technology aimed at helping you to monitor your surroundings. Forward emergency braking uses advanced technology to calculate the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you and the cars' speed. The technology can detect the possibility of collision and assist you to avoid it, thus ensuring your safety while on the road.

Lane Departure Prevention With Active Lane Control

This feature is used to sense unintended lane drift offers a lane departure warning, and then automatically directs the vehicle to return to the center of its travelling lane. This INFINITI technology uses a camera to monitor your car's distance and the lane marking to ensure that your car moves straight ahead.

Predictive Forward Collision Warning

The technology helps you to anticipate the road ahead. This is the first-ever technology that issues warnings that may be obscured from the field of vision. The technology senses the relative velocity, the vehicles ahead of you, and the distance between them. This aims at enhancing confident driving experience.

Infiniti Adoptive Steering | World's First Technology

Direct Adaptive Steering

This is a pioneering technology that removes the mechanical connection between the tires and the steering and allows instantaneous input of the drive digitally. The technology does not get affected by the kickback alongside the forced movement of the conventional steering.

The Blind Spot Intervention System

INFINITI's blind-spot technology is aimed at alerting you about the vehicles in the blind spot region. It is also vital to assist you back to your travel lane's center if you start moving over.

Around View Monitor

The around view monitor is essential in sensing and detecting moving objects around your car. This also can be used for easy parking. The feature includes four vehicle-mounted cameras aimed at creating a 360 degrees view in the dashboard.

Intelligent AWD

This aims at providing support and power where necessary to adapt to the changing road conditions. The technology continually monitors the vehicle speed, throttle position, and wheel spin. In case of changes in the road conditions, this system diverts 50% of the power available to the front wheels for traction and enhances the control system.

Lane Departure Prevention (LDP)

This INFINITI technology aims at keeping your car from unintentionally shifting from your lane. The system uses a camera to monitor the distance between your vehicle and the marks of the lane; in case of the car drifts, the system sends an audio warning then applies brakes to help the vehicle get to the center of its lane.

Q50 Intelligent Key

This key allows you to press the switch located at the door handle to unlock doors and control all your entertainment features. The key also allows you to start the engine without using it.

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