INFINITI Roadside Assistance

INFINITI Roadside Assistance

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What Is Included In Infiniti Roadside Assistance?

The INFINITI Roadside Assistance program offers several rescue and support services as outlined below.

Mechanical Breakdown Towing

The INFINITI assistance program supports the owners by rescuing vehicles that have stalled unexpectedly for mechanical reasons by towing them to the nearest INFINITI dealer shop or authorized outlet establishment.

Traffic Accident Service

The INFINITI Assistance program organizes to tow the affected vehicle to the nearest INFINITI dealership or authorized outlet from the accident scene. Besides, any direct costs such as accommodation, meals, and car hire services while awaiting full repair of the vehicle will be refunded to a maximum of five hundred dollars.


INFINITI Roadside Assistance program offers a winch or pull service for vehicles stuck in the mud, a roadside ditch or snow. However, the service is only available for cars along frequently used roads or highways. Shovelling of vehicles stuck in the snow is not part of the assistance package.


Battery Boost

In case your INFINITI vehicle battery is low and cannot power the vehicle, the assistance program will send out a support team to boost your battery and ensure it powers on. If the car fails to power on after the boost, it will be towed to the nearest INFINITI dealer or authorized repair facility.

Tire Change

An INFINITI Assistance support team is sent out to you to help change the flat tire in scenarios you have a flat tire and unable to change it. However, this does not cover tire repair services.

Fuel Delivery

When you face a fuel shortage during your travels, the INFINITI Assistance program dispatches a team to deliver fuel (the fuel cost is not covered). In some areas, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest service station.

Lockout Service

A unique support service where a team of INFINITI Roadside Assistance support team is sent out to fetch your spare keys from your home or workplace or make a spare key and get it delivered to the point of your stall. Reimbursement to a maximum of five hundred dollars is available for any associated cost.

Trip Interruption Services

The INFINITI assistance program will reimburse the owner for costs directly involved with the vehicle mechanically breaking down while on a trip. Fees may include transport charges to your destination or back home from the point of the breakdown if less than 100 km from either point or car rental services to your home or destination if more than 100km.

Travel Planning Services

The travel planning service supports your trip's comprehensive planning with details of INFINITI dealerships, guiding maps to your destination, hotels, camping sites, and service stations along your way.


Obtaining Infiniti Roadside Assistance Service and Making Claims

INFINITI Roadside Assistance is an ownership experience service offered to all INFINITI vehicle owners for assistance whenever they face a mechanical breakdown or road incident that calls for emergency support. However, the service is only available to owners with a viable warranty. View our INFINITI Owners page for complete information.

INFINITI owners with vehicles under warranty may reach out for assistance by phone at 1-800-363-4520 and speak to an INFINITI representative who will request personal and vehicle details for verification before dispatching a rescue team. In cases no support is close by, the representative will issue the authorization to seek assistance from a reputable rescue team and reimburse you the costs incurred. Besides, traffic accident claims ought to be made within thirty days from the time of the incident.

Services Not Covered

The service does not cover any costs associated with the repair and storage of the rescued unit. It also does not cover rescue to any unattended, unregistered, uninsured, or unplanted vehicles for whatsoever reason unless otherwise authorized. Besides, a car knowingly driven to an inaccessible area, site, and a route not regularly used fails to meet the conditions the service is willing to cover.

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