INFINITI InTouch transforms your vehicle into a hub of convenience and entertainment. The system allows you a better connection to the world with fewer distractions and improved safety. As your leading Infiniti dealership in Brampton, Ontario, serving Woodbridge, Caledon, Mississauga, and surrounding areas, we have various new INFINITI vehicles that you can purchase and drive away into the sunset. Please view our new INFINITI lineup online today or contact us to learn more about INFINITI In-Touch services Canada.

What are INFINITI In-Touch services?

INFINITI In-Touch services are innovative car solutions that integrate entertainment, navigation, and security into the state-of-the-art dash-mounted system. Depending on the model and year, your vehicle may come equipped with INFINITI InTouch programs such as INFINITI Navigation and INFINITI Connection.

How to access INFINITI InTouch? By Touch or by Voice Command?

INFINITI InTouch makes an Infiniti owner's driving experience effortless. You can use the system through the interactive touch screen on the dash or voice commands. For those who prefer the touch screen, they can use different motions to get what they need.

For example, they can pinch, tap, or even swipe to access different screens and services. If your interest is in voice commands, press the steering wheel's talk button to enable the voice recognition system.

INFINITI In-Touch Features and benefits

Entertainment and Communication

INFINITI InTouchâ„¢ has Bluetooth capability, so you will be able to text and call people without ever taking your hands off the steering wheel. You can also listen to your favourite music to lift your mood or entertain passengers. The system has multiple streaming options to keep you entertained and informed throughout the journey. The SiriusXM All Access package provides access to every genre you can think of and commercial-free music.

The voice recognition technology allows you access to your smartphone, send text messages, or place calls. All this is hands-free for a safely enhanced driving experience. The infinity Wi-Fi hotspot transforms your vehicle into a hotspot to browse, stream, and share en route to your destination.

With Apple CarPlay, access Apple Maps, Apple Music, send and receive messages and make calls while on the go. Android Auto, on the other hand, gives you access to the best android features. It is simpler and safer to use your phone when driving, thanks to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

INFINITI In-Touch Navigation

Convenience and Concierge

INFINITI InTouch services allow you to or remotely start or lock your vehicle without even taking a step outside via google assistant, Amazon Alexa, or other user-friendly smartphone apps. You can also access traffic information to make your driving smooth and to arrive at your destination on time.

Through the INFINITI InTouch app in Brampton, Ontario, you can search for nearby locations for points of interest based on your current location. Another convenient feature is the Journey Planner. The system calculates the distance and time after determining the best route.

INFINITI InTouch helps you keep up with the schedule, never to miss your appointment or meeting. The system syncs with Google Calendar, and it allows you to edit the calendar so that you are always on top of your commitments.

Safety and Security

Other INFINITI InTouch features include different components to keep you safe when driving. Some of these safety and security components are vehicle monitoring, remote locking, and emergency services. Emergency services include access to a live Response Specialist when you press the SOS button.

In case your airbags deploy, the system automatically connects you to an agent for response services dispatch.

InTouch Highlights

At the core of the INFINITI InTouch technology is entertainment, security features, access to navigation, communication, and overall convenience. Your safety is paramount, and the system makes sure of that. You can access INFINITI Personal Assistant remotely with InTouch Services at the touch of your fingertips.

You can also use google assistant or Alexa enabled device to send commands. With just your voice, you can flash the lights or start the vehicle. The navigation system has helpful audio cues and visual maps to guide you to the destination.

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