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Every component of your vehicle serves a purpose, but one area that is often ignored is your vehicle's tires and wheels. Having the proper seasonal tires outfitted to your car can improve fuel efficiency, handling, and overall safety. If even one of your tires is compromised it can become a big deal quickly and can jeopardize your safety, along with the safety of others on the road. At Infiniti of Brampton, we understand the importance of tires and wheels, that is why we have a dedicated Infiniti Tire and Wheel Centre in Brampton at our location.

Proper Service and Maintenance Of Your Tires

Making a habit of continually checking the pressure of your tires can go a long way in improving the performance and feel of your vehicle. Under-inflated tires use up more gas, while over-inflated tires can reduce proper handling and steering. Be sure to refer your owner's manual for accurate tire pressure specifications, or contact our Service Centre technicians for more information.

You should routinely check your tires for uneven tread wear around the edges, indicating improper wheel alignment. To help avoid any alignment issues, it's a good idea to have them rotated every so often, as your front tires tend to wear quicker.

Finally, check for any puncture marks caused by nails or other sharp objects that may have gotten stuck. You'll need to get your tire replaced if it is punctured. Schedule a service appointment and allow us to properly inspect, maintain, and service your tires, so you don't have too.

INFINITI OF BRAMPTON has one of the largest inventories of tires in Brampton, Mississauga & Toronto. No matter which tires you want, we can find them, even if we don't currently have them in stock! Please complete the form below with your information and we'll be pleased to provide you with a quote on tires.

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